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Cut down 70% of the time spent on analyzing your business calls, audit your interactions, train your team, and improve without limits.

Boost your


and stop

losing leads

Regain control of your B2C sales processes. Sell more and cut costs by maximizing the potential of each lead, all with the same team and less effort.

Sales teams increase their sales by at least 20% within the first 30 days of working with Vixiees.



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Your team will stop losing valuable leads due to lack of persistence

Automated sequences and playbooks

Maximum productivity with the SalesTask Manager

Accelerate commercial success through sales sequences and priorities. With Vixiees' playbooks, you ensure that the entire team consistently and effectively follows your sales strategy, avoiding wrong decisions.

Increase contactability by 300% and convert 20% more leads with the same team

All your channels unified

Discover true Omnichannel

Consolidate all your sales and contact channels into a single inbox: calls, emails, SMS, and WhatsApp within Vixiees. Your team no longer needs external terminals or the hassle of switching between disconnected tools. Your finance team centralizes everything into one invoice.

Enhance customer satisfaction by providing support through their preferred channels

Real-time analytics and reporting

Monitor your team's performance in real-time

Make better business decisions and stay on course with our transparent and unaltered analytics. Access quantitative and qualitative information from all your channels in one place. Why analyze samples randomly when you can see and enhance everything?

Keep your KPIs in check and reduce decision-making times

Cut up to 6 hours of unnecessary tasks per user per week

Spend less time diving into your CRM contacts and more time selling on Vixiees.

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AI at the service of your managers and team

We introduce AI into Vixiees, allowing you to continue identifying areas for improvement in your sales process. Record your team's calls and analyze all insights with our AI-powered Transcription, Summary, and Sentiment Analysis system.

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Your sales solution

Vixiees is a unique and powerful solution for your sales team

Simplify your daily work and accelerate your sales by integrating all the information about your contacts, communication channels, team performance analysis, and your entire sales process into a single space. Give your team a solution designed by and for B2C sales professionals.


Easy integration, no coding required

We seamlessly and bidirectionally integrate with leading CRMs and solutions. Forget about manual data collection and save 70% of the time spent on administrative tasks. Start selling within 24 hours, without writing a single line of code.

100% usability for total adoption

Work with a single, fully integrated solution and provide your team with a simple and dynamic work methodology. Ensure that 100% of your team starts using Vixiees immediately after its implementation. Stick to your sales process and reduce potential human errors.

Revel boosts its CRM and takes its sales and analytics to the next level.

Vixiees gives me, as a manager, real-time visibility into my sales team's performance. It also allows me to swiftly adjust our sales process to enhance the effectiveness of our business strategy.

Ariadna Rovira

Head of Sales & Customer Service

Call and Contact Centers.

Achieve 30% more efficiency in your sales teams, improve contactability, and sell more.


Provide personalized attention to your potential customers with Vixiees. Keep your team focused on growth.

Automotive Sector

Offer a 100% digital and omnichannel experience in a single tool. Standardize communications with your customers.

Insurance Companies

Attracting new customers is 5-20 times more costly. Optimize your existing portfolio with an automated system.

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Connect your sales team with potential customers, stop losing leads, and start selling consistently and systematically

Digitize your workflows and automate lead allocation and priorities to increase your team's efficiency by 30% and handle more leads per agent starting today