Discover Vixiees AI, your personal assistant

Cut down 70% of the time spent on analyzing your business calls, audit your interactions, train your team, and improve without limits.


Analyze and improve your team's performance 70% faster

Review all your calls, train, and assist your team in thoroughly improving the structure and quality of their speeches. Free your salespeople from bureaucratic tasks and give your managers visibility into the quality of all communications.

of calls recorded, summarized, and analyzed

faster at evaluating performance

faster at training your new team members

Everyone talks about Conversational Intelligence, but what does AI contribute to your sales process?

Vixiees' AI acts as a personal assistant for managers and sales teams, aiding in daily tasks consistently.

It enables managers to qualitatively measure team performance in ways not possible before AI, offering insights beyond mere numbers.

This technology also serves as a reliable assistant that eradicates tedious bureaucratic tasks, streamlining workflow efficiently. For more detailed information on how Vixiees' AI can transform your commercial processes, visit their website.

It takes notes and transcribes your calls for you, as if we were in 2024

Vixiees' AI performance seamlessly integrates with the entire solution, listening and transcribing calls, even complex ones. It saves your team time and adds precision to their notes, which will be perfectly reflected in Vixiees and your CRM.

It summarizes the most important parts of your calls, ensuring you always have context.

In B2C sales, context is crucial but often consumes a lot of time due to bureaucratic tasks. Having context about previous conversations and being able to see the key points discussed with each potential client before a new interaction is essential for personalizing your attention and achieving better results.

With our artificial intelligence, excelling and selling more comes naturally.

It assists you in monitoring and enhancing your speech by analyzing words and the quality of service.

Imagine having an extra pair of eyes on each call.

This isn't about micromanagement; it's about Vixiees' sentiment analysis AI. This technology assesses call quality, identifies positive and negative words, and understands that the success of a call often hinges on choosing the right words at the right moment. With Vixiees, you're not just monitoring; you're guiding your team towards excellence by enhancing the effectiveness of their communication.

If your business is complex or sensitive, auditing every call and your processes with AI can provide a deeper level of oversight and quality control

Industries by their very nature need to be extremely careful in handling data, procedures during calls, and the words spoken or left unsaid. Auditing each and every call would be impossible to do with certainty and accuracy without the assistance of Artificial Intelligence.

Are you looking for other AI solutions? Do you want to integrate Vixiees' AI with your own systems?

We have a dedicated team working on developing the best AI solutions for commercial teams. Please reach out to us, and we will be happy to share the latest innovations from Vixiees AI with you.


Free up your managers' time. Maximize your team's performance