Discover Vixiees AI, your personal assistant

Cut down 70% of the time spent on analyzing your business calls, audit your interactions, train your team, and improve without limits.

A solution designed by and for B2C sales teams

Vixiees was born out of the real needs of B2C sales teams. That's why it's the first solution on the market that will truly help you sell more and better from day one. No costly implementations or endless training required.

Designed to boost the execution of valuable sales tasks in your team.

The tool that managers need to dedicate their time to leading, creating magnificent strategies, and improving processes. Vixiees takes care of the daily execution, optimization, and control of your processes.

The ultimate solution for your team to work with a focus on what truly matters: learning, improving, contacting the right leads through the right channels, and selling. They no longer need to spend hours searching through your CRM.

A dynamic solution that encourages you to spend your time selling without human errors

You will increase your daily interactions by X3, thanks to Vixiees, which automatically suggests the next best action, always taking into account your sales strategy and priorities. Vixiees is not just a database or a communication tool; it's a complete solution designed for rapid and precise sales.

Brilliant engineering. Robotics that constantly adapt and never fail

Vixiees operates on a unique engineering foundation, built from scratch by our CTO and their team, seamlessly. Designed from its roots as a sales solution for B2C teams, it excels in those areas where human error can cost you business, money, and time. A secure and stable solution that will grow alongside your business and never let you down.


A solution that integrates everything you need to start selling from day one

A strategic call to help you understand how much you can save with Vixiees, a secure investment.